Santa is Coming To Town?
17.07.2013 09:28

Oh wow is is July, the middle of summer and I can not beleive I am talking about Christmas!

Yes I said Christmas. The time of the year where snow and cold temperatures are everywhere. Did you know that if you start buying your Christmas gifts now you will save at least 20% or more. I know not everyone is in the mood to start shopping for the holidays in the middle of July but to save 20% is a big deal.

For example I bout a Holiday costume here at http://www.mrssantaclauscostume.com and saved over 30%. You would normally pay about $299 for the outfit I got but I paid only $199. That is a huge savings. So this year I am going to dress up as Mrs Santa Claus and hand out all the gifts on Christmas day. I think my grandkids will love the idea of me being dressed up!  


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